• Female Supremacy And Discipline From Board of Corrective Women
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  • Female Supremacy And Discipline From Board of Corrective Women
  • Overseers Scold Naughty Male Creatures Before They Spank!
  • Male Creatures Kept Permanently Sexually Frustrated As They Worship The Women Who Own Them!
  • Naughty Boys Who Break The Rules Get Red Stinging Spanked Bottoms at The Institute of Feminine Discipline!
  • A Naughty Male Creature Must Always Understand Why He Is Being Punished
  • All Spankings Are Recorded And Reviewed By Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia. A Naughty Boy May Be Recalled If She Does Not Think He Has Been Adaquately Punished!

Miss Amy Hunter

Grand Overseer: Surrey IFD

Miss Amy Questions Male Creature Before She Considers DisciplineMiss Amy is one of the most powerful Women in government and also one of the highest regarded disciplinarians. She has risen through the ranks in a most admirable fashion, beginning with serving as an Apprentice during her FemDom Training School, at a Spanking Centre in Kent. 

She has risen to the point now where she is in charge of all IFDs and reports directly to The Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia. All Chief Overseers of all Institutes of Feminine Discipline report to Miss Amy.

"I knew from my first day in that Centre, that I was meant to do this as my career. My Spanking Centre Attendant and the Remedial Behaviour Therapist I trained with were very impressed with how I handled the waiting room from my very first naughty boy. Once he sat down with his pants around his ankles, I just walked up to him and slapped his face hard and told him 'Hello I am Miss Amy the Apprentice here and you are going to do exactly as I tell you aren't you?' He just quivered a bit and managed a 'Yes Miss, Thank You Miss'. I was 'hooked' from that moment on."

Amy quickly gained notoriety for her performance as a Spanking Centre Attendant in Kent. Since Spanking Centre Attendants are allowed to treat the reporting miscreants in any fashion they see fit, Amy started each one off with a trip over her knees and 50 swats with what is now known famously thoughout the land as "The Amy Paddle".


Miss Amy Videos


CCTV footage has revealed that Mike has absconded from the Institute of Feminine Discipline sleeping quarters in the early evening and then staggering back inebriated at nearly 1am.

The official Board of Corrective Women 10 Commandments which bind all males at the Institute of Feminine Discipline prohibit males from drinking alcohol at any time and require males to be in bed by 9pm. Mike has therefore broken 2 of the Board's 10 commandments. AT LEAST!

Called before Miss Amy the next morning, mike trembles with fear and trepidation as he knows he is unlikely to leave her office without a very severe spanking! But what he does not realise is that whilst he has been waiting in Miss Amy's waiting room where all naughty boys must wait for their spankings, Miss Rebekah has been searching his locker and it appears that a camera belonging to the Institute which was stolen 2 weeks ago has appeared, as if by magic, in his locker. Furthermore, upon inspecting the camera, it appears that there are photos held in its memory card that would be of use to the terrorist group, the Male Liberation Front.

Can mike talk his way out of this one without receiving a very sound bare bottom spanking? Well if he can it will be the first time ever in history that Miss Amy has EVER decided not to spank a male for misbehaviour, let alone criminal activity and breaches of the Board of Corrective Women 10 Commandments!

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